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Animals Have Asthma & COPD Too


Just like humans, animals can use a metered dose inhaler (puffer) with a valved holding chamber to manage their asthma, heaves, or bronchitis symptoms. AeroKat*, AeroDawg*, and AeroHippus* are specially designed chambers for cats, dogs and horses.

Inhaled medications are generally preferred over oral steroids or injections for daily symptoms. They deliver targeted treatments directly to the lungs for fast effective results using lower doses of drug. This means fewer side effects for animals and easier administration for animal owners.


Confidence in Drug Delivery


AeroKat*, AeroDawg*, and AeroHippus* chambers have been helping owners and pets for over 15 years.

  • Flow-Vu* Indicator provides visual feedback for assurance of correct use and medication delivery

  • Custom low-resistance valves designed for animals’ inspiratory flow rates.

  • Soft, non-stick masks go on gently without pulling hair.

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