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Renal P for Dog & Cat

Renal P provide minerals (calcium salts and sodium bicarbonate) and polysaccharides (chitosan) which are useful in maintaining the animal's normal metabolic conditions and proper urinary tract function. 

Renal P powder:

In each scoop:

  • Calcium salts (Calcium carbonate and calcium lactogluconate) to combine in the intestine with food-grade phosphorus 

       Small Scoop: 60mg  Big Scoop: 240mg

  • Chitosan to reduces intestinal absorption of phosphorus and nitrogen molecules

       Small Scoop: 40mg  Big Scoop: 160mg

  • Sodium bicarbonate as oral alkalizing agent

       Small Scoop: 30mg  Big Scoop: 120mg

Instruction for proper use:

Add Renal P to the usual feed ration at a rate of 0.2 g powder per Kg of body weight per day, corresponding to the following daily doses. 

  • 1 small levelled measuring spoon for every 2.5kg             

  • 1 large levelled measuring spoon for every 10kg


The daily dose can be divided into 2-3 administrations based on the meals number. Administer Renal P for 30-day cycles. It is preferable to add the product to wet food. In case of a diet based only on dry food, slightly moisten the food to ensure good powder adhesion and its complete intake. It is recommended to seek the veterinarian's advice before use or before extending the administration period. Plenty of water should be available at all times.

Renal P paste:

Instruction for proper use:

Daily administer 1 ml of paste every 5 kg of body weight directly into the mouth or mixing it with the usual feed ration.

Administer RENAL P paste for 30-day cycles, following the Veterinarian’s advice.

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